COVID 19 Firestorm

I am writing this as we are engulfed in a COVID 19 wave that has wrecked our lives and is continuing with its destruction, in India. Most of us including myself never thought that we would be caught up in this pandemic. But, here we are.

I have lost my father a few days back to COVID. The death of my father in an isolated COVID ICU struck home the fact that this is a deadly pandemic. It happened out of the blue. I was pumping up my cycling trips to regular 100-200 km. runs while my father had caught what seemed like a minor cold infection. By the 12th of April his health had deteriorated to a point where he was hospitalized. He was shifted to the ICU and passed away on the 19th of April. I was mentally ready for it, but even then it struck as a fist in my solar plexus.

The only consolation is that he was 80, and had lived a long life. While we were in mourning, more bad news as two of my paternal and maternal uncles also passed away due to COVID. Both were not tested but had similar symptoms. Almost all my relatives are down with some sort of fever and cold symptoms, with some testing positive for COVID, while others have not tested. The scene here on the ground, is horrific. Most of the hospitals in our cities are overflowing with patients and have no beds or oxygen capacity required to treat severe COVID 19 cases. Its a deluge.

Even at this stage yours truly is trying to figure out how to get back into cycling and touring. It may take months and years but its on my mind. This cycling thing has stuck to me faster than the COVID bug. Its carbon free, doesn’t require expensive fuel and requires less maintenance than the fuel juggling SUVs. The lockdown has kicked off over here, and will likely continue for some time but then there will be some easing later on. That’s my hope.

Those of us who are into Bible stuff would be interested in knowing that a lot of prophesies had been done almost 2 years back, on this wave. We were expecting it and it’s expected to get worse, as per the prophetic guidance. But ready as we were, even then we can’t escape the feeling of helplessness in watching so many casualties and, losing our loved ones. Philippians 4:19 !!

G-d Bless ! Take care ! Please take COVID 19 precautions, trust me, nobody would like to end up in a COVID ICU with ventilator pipes running down their throat, ( in the worst case scenario ).

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