The Conversion Racket

Meandering through the post-Covid times, and seeing the world change from a lab launched bio-engineered bug, makes my heart go restless. In instances like these I turn to religion for succour. But, alas, all I get is the same tripe that China is making WHO spew. I could shout to Uncle Xi, that the kiwi bait wasn’t taken up by the wily shark. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no bat soup gourmet fan, just an aspiring vegan.

If you didn’t get it, it’s about games religions play or rather its about the state apparatus hidden behind the religious conversion racket. Conversion is a private subject and corrupt bureaucrats wielding enormous power would love to get into our minds, by deciding what is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ conversion. It gives charlatans enormous power to decide who should and who shouldn’t change their minds on a particular philosophy. Bureaucrats and politicians often team up to target ‘converts’ because these are easy targets, enacting laws which can be interpreted liberally to harass anyone going to the other side. These charlatans seldom pass and implement laws to censure slush funds flowing into tax havens abroad, on the back of serious corruption internally. This would mean most of these power-brokers will be in prison, hence the religious diversion to distract attention. However, there is also the fact, that governments and intelligence agencies use religious agencies to further their propaganda, create a Trojan horse if you will.

Right now, the most aggressive global conversion push is by Islam and a sham duplicate version of Christianity, sort of cultural Christianity run by the West. These two are locked in a global supremacy battle, and often behind these is the backing of state intelligence apparatuses, providing clandestine funding and information. Islam takes a brutish and extremely violent approach as in Kashmir, which has witnessed the genocide of Hindus in a repetitive fashionᴳ. As far as I am concerned, they can head to the borders of the Peaceful loving West, who seem to have lots of sympathy for dawahᴰ specialists. Islamists run their conversion campaign on the back of petro-dollars and plain jihad terror. I would add that when it comes to pagans and kaffirs, both these seem to unite and pile on unsuspecting innocents, hence the term Christo-Islamic fascists. Recently things have changed with Islam gaining an upper hand over Western cultural Christianity. At the end of the day, both of these are like school bullies in that if they are cornered in a fair fight, they will whine like little kids but they come out brave when they raid on helpless souls.

Meanwhile, I am going to switch to something closer to my heart, my faith in Christ; and the crooked scheme run by the West to create a Trojan horse. The mission racket creates a front in former colonies, wedded to the Western philosophy and thought processes which are totally secular as there is no Christ-first in their worldview. This follows the old colonial banditry mindset i.e. the former colonies need to be vacuumed of their resources time and again. One way is to create a front of corrupt elites sucking the colonies dry by stashing slush funds in tax havens run by the West, which has largely been accomplished in some socialist banana republics; another is to create a ‘religious’ front which can be used in the future to start an insurrection, if colonies try to break free.

The colonial masters run several institutions masked as educational, medical and social organisations. The real purpose is to spread Western ‘enlightenment’ in the garb of religion. To be fair, not all people working in these institutions are zombies, some are genuine folks trapped in a bag full of bad apples. The main thing is that Christ is nowhere to be seen in the institutional activities. It’s some sort of cultural thought imposition on vulnerable sections of society in the developing world. A man of G-d will try his level best to bring the focus on Christ, but the agents of these front organisations try their level best to suppress the Name above All Names. ‘Contextualisation’, ‘adjustment’ and being ‘non-judgemental’ being the key words.

The Western intelligence strategy is to focus on ‘disadvantaged’ groups. This often works by doling out clothes, medicines and education, free-of-cost. They accomplish this via religious and other aid organisations. The majority of those in Churches and para-Church organisations, at least in the developing world, are from very poor and disadvantaged communities. And since the ‘converts’ are mostly in for the goodies, their lifestyles reflect it. Sexual misdemeanours, financial bungling and plain thievery was common. It is my belief that if the goodies are cut off, almost all of these people will head back to their original faiths.

The handlers in the West as well as the local intelligence units in the now free colonies are well aware of this game. A secular constitution is often used as a doorway to blast poor nations with the duplicate ‘gospel’ while using military or economic coercion to browbeat the local religions in the colonies. It doesn’t work with Islam, cause the mullahs come back with the jihadi punch. For the rest of the world, the grand colonial plan is not to win souls but create zombies who will be used later, to start insurrections and wars at the behest of their Western handlers. The disadvantaged communities being courted by these organisations have a streak of seething vengeance against the dominant communities. I would like to add that their grievances are genuine but the aim like most of fallen humanity, is to get even and then on top of those that crushed them earlier. A reverse vengeance cycle if you will. The colonial intelligence game is to tap the anger of these disadvantaged communities and use them as a bargaining lever later.

It wasn’t with some sense of ironic comedy that the recent election results in the USA brought out this strategy in reverse, with liberals beating the mission lobby conservatives. The tables have turned, the hunters are now the hunted. Is this an occasion to be happy ? No. The mission should always be ‘Christ-first’. It’s simply one set of blind jokers being replaced by another. Instead of mission organisations it will be the innocuous looking foreign aid, cultural exchange and university grants to promote the same agenda. And Europe is still pushing their cultural Christian agenda in socialist banana republics. Between all this, I keep getting an ominous warning about the Creator laying down the stick. If it does happen it’s going to be painful. There is the Judgement Day, but who cares, right ?

Former colonies with majority non-Abrahamic populations that do resist like India, Myanmar and more in South East Asia, are coerced by Christo-Islamic fascists in the West and the oil rich Arab world, to be ‘more’ secular. Which often means to keep taking more punishment from these two without whimpering. Unfortunately, the non-Abrahamic world is not united and communists ( read CCP ) in particular have resorted to teaming with Abrahamics when it comes to dealing with pagans/infidels.

Africa is already a mess thanks to these idiots. There is a fierce civil war in Cameroonᶜ between Anglophones and Francophones, ( both of whom are supposedly Christian, more like European cultural Christians ); the local languages and tribal culture there has largely been demolished. Who fights each other for foreign languages ? This can only happen when the indigenous African culture has been completely crushed by their colonial masters. I see this in my country too where people in indigenous costumes/speaking vernacular are considered lowlifes while those impostors who speak english ( often highly accented and grammatically incorrect ) are considered ‘sahibs’ or officers. Now, it may be highly improper for me to accuse these sahibs of being nothing but white-skin worshipping, inferiority complex ridden jokers but I’ll do it anyway. Going back to Africa, the Rwandan civil warᴿ was another tragedy with cultural Christians killing each other using machetes and guns. Currently, the ongoing jihad in various parts of Africa is scoring up a pile of bodies and wrecked lives, this being a good example of two hungry wolves aka cultural Christianity vs Islam turning on each other.

The pagan, kaffir or infidel world to which we lowlifes belong can not be blamed for heaving a sigh of relief as these two demon spawns hack away at each other. A more pressing issue is that sooner or later they will re-direct their destructive energy at the rest of the world. I suspect it has something to do with their worldview of Armageddonᴬ type of theology. A phase of violent cataclysmic events will herald the arrival of the Mighty One. But, the Creator will do that in His own time. That doesn’t stop our pea-brains from trying to accelerate the process. Lets kick off Armageddon beforehand so He arrives as per our time schedule. After all the creatures living on the tiniest of planets, in an inconsequential star system, placed in a far corner of one of the billions of galaxies, can manipulate the Creator, right ?

So, with this I conclude my take on the conversion racket with a quote from the Book that will decide the fate of the Universe:

Acts 5:38: So in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone. Let them go! For if their purpose or endeavour is of human origin, it will fail. 

My future scope is tingling with another prophesy: Its the beginning of the end of the cultural Christianity sham, and of its masters too. Also, at the end of it all these jokers will stand before the seat of Judgement and woe to those who will be found wanting.



ᴿRwandan Civil War


One Reply to “The Conversion Racket”

  1. thank you so much for all your time and study,to bring all this to light for us
    plenty to ponder on
    Stay close to Jesus
    as I know you
    many need to know how to do that
    thats our work
    go and make disciples of all men


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