Cloud of Sin

We live in the digital world. Its all bits and bytes on computer screens. This is the new age. The battle of minds and hearts is fought over social media platforms, messaging applications and associated media. Move over books and newspapers. TV and movie screens also reflect this trend with increasing digitisation of tech.

So, it logically follows that the battle between G-d and Satan also moves into the new spheres of influence. There are pros and cons in this new age of technology. Everything becomes more transparent, snooping and stalking reaches right into the doors of households, activists have a huge outreach as do those who want to wreck and destroy. As digitisation of old books and records gains pace, one can see the story of mankind like a movie. It gives us a unique perspective.

One thing that stands out from a digitised history scan, is that mankind was ALWAYS inclined to evil. The murderous tales and genocides keep repeating with each age, cloaked with kingdom grandeur, religion or as in the current age — tech. A refusal to accept this fact leads to a very distorted perspective. The Bible is unique in that it points out this fact again and again. It does not even hide the fact that those who professed to follow the ways of G-d turned out to worse than those who did not have the commandments.

Back to this age, the cycle repeats itself. Not surprising is it ? But, the interesting part is the sound bytes used by charlatans wearing different types of face masks. The intention is power grab at any cost. These are present in every culture and pose the same thing over and over again, with surprising success — ‘Our superior civilisation is at risk, consider this as a call-to-arms’. Emphasis on ‘superior‘. This often follows up with attacking other nations and cultures, who are weaker in strength and numbers, while sucking up to the stronger ones in the hopes of wrecking them from inside.

I have tried to compile a Key word cloud that seems to influence ( incite ? ) people of this age, to become what they actually are i.e. top rung predators. Cloud — [ ‘Kaffirs’, ‘pagans’, ‘civilisation’, ‘global dominance’,’jihad’,’crusade’,’logical conclusion’,’race’,’peace’,’science and tech’,’first world’,’savages’,’enlightenment’,’freedom’,’gender’] Will keep expanding on this. Some of these terms are innocuous by themselves but are used as dog whistles to whip up the crowds into a tribal front. Oh yes ! Deep down we are pretty tribe oriented.

I belong to a non-English speaking culture, we have our own share of charlatans, but since this directed to an English speaking audience I am not putting their keywords here.

What is the duty of a believer in this scenario ? In my belief it is to stick close to those who are intent on shooting themselves in their foot. First off to pray that they come to their senses, second to try and make sure that they do not take half of the planet with them, as they go down. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Unfortunately, in this interconnected global world, one set of idiots does affect the whole. When a pack of idiots vie for ‘global dominance’, the ripples from their head slams will be felt globally.

For us the fight is spiritual, and spirit prayer warriors know what I am talking about. Time to bend those knees and sweat like the Master. These are desperate times. For the lukewarm, kindly brush off your Bibles and check whether there are five Gospels ? Have actually seen a priest check this in a packed Church and come up with no rebuttals. FYI apologists from other faiths know more than most of the faithfuls, albeit in a twisted deformed manner.

P.S. English is not my mother tongue. So, please bear with grammatical and other errors.

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