COVID 19 Firestorm

I am writing this as we are engulfed in a COVID 19 wave that has wrecked our lives and is continuing with its destruction, in India. Most of us including myself never thought that we would be caught up in this pandemic. But, here we are.

I have lost my father a few days back to COVID. The death of my father in an isolated COVID ICU struck home the fact that this is a deadly pandemic. It happened out of the blue. I was pumping up my cycling trips to regular 100-200 km. runs while my father had caught what seemed like a minor cold infection. By the 12th of April his health had deteriorated to a point where he was hospitalized. He was shifted to the ICU and passed away on the 19th of April. I was mentally ready for it, but even then it struck as a fist in my solar plexus.

The only consolation is that he was 80, and had lived a long life. While we were in mourning, more bad news as two of my paternal and maternal uncles also passed away due to COVID. Both were not tested but had similar symptoms. Almost all my relatives are down with some sort of fever and cold symptoms, with some testing positive for COVID, while others have not tested. The scene here on the ground, is horrific. Most of the hospitals in our cities are overflowing with patients and have no beds or oxygen capacity required to treat severe COVID 19 cases. Its a deluge.

Even at this stage yours truly is trying to figure out how to get back into cycling and touring. It may take months and years but its on my mind. This cycling thing has stuck to me faster than the COVID bug. Its carbon free, doesn’t require expensive fuel and requires less maintenance than the fuel juggling SUVs. The lockdown has kicked off over here, and will likely continue for some time but then there will be some easing later on. That’s my hope.

Those of us who are into Bible stuff would be interested in knowing that a lot of prophesies had been done almost 2 years back, on this wave. We were expecting it and it’s expected to get worse, as per the prophetic guidance. But ready as we were, even then we can’t escape the feeling of helplessness in watching so many casualties and, losing our loved ones. Philippians 4:19 !!

G-d Bless ! Take care ! Please take COVID 19 precautions, trust me, nobody would like to end up in a COVID ICU with ventilator pipes running down their throat, ( in the worst case scenario ).

The Conversion Racket

Meandering through the post-Covid times, and seeing the world change from a lab launched bio-engineered bug, makes my heart go restless. In instances like these I turn to religion for succour. But, alas, all I get is the same tripe that China is making WHO spew. I could shout to Uncle Xi, that the kiwi bait wasn’t taken up by the wily shark. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no bat soup gourmet fan, just an aspiring vegan.

If you didn’t get it, it’s about games religions play or rather its about the state apparatus hidden behind the religious conversion racket. Conversion is a private subject and corrupt bureaucrats wielding enormous power would love to get into our minds, by deciding what is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ conversion. It gives charlatans enormous power to decide who should and who shouldn’t change their minds on a particular philosophy. Bureaucrats and politicians often team up to target ‘converts’ because these are easy targets, enacting laws which can be interpreted liberally to harass anyone going to the other side. These charlatans seldom pass and implement laws to censure slush funds flowing into tax havens abroad, on the back of serious corruption internally. This would mean most of these power-brokers will be in prison, hence the religious diversion to distract attention. However, there is also the fact, that governments and intelligence agencies use religious agencies to further their propaganda, create a Trojan horse if you will.

Right now, the most aggressive global conversion push is by Islam and a sham duplicate version of Christianity, sort of cultural Christianity run by the West. These two are locked in a global supremacy battle, and often behind these is the backing of state intelligence apparatuses, providing clandestine funding and information. Islam takes a brutish and extremely violent approach as in Kashmir, which has witnessed the genocide of Hindus in a repetitive fashionᴳ. As far as I am concerned, they can head to the borders of the Peaceful loving West, who seem to have lots of sympathy for dawahᴰ specialists. Islamists run their conversion campaign on the back of petro-dollars and plain jihad terror. I would add that when it comes to pagans and kaffirs, both these seem to unite and pile on unsuspecting innocents, hence the term Christo-Islamic fascists. Recently things have changed with Islam gaining an upper hand over Western cultural Christianity. At the end of the day, both of these are like school bullies in that if they are cornered in a fair fight, they will whine like little kids but they come out brave when they raid on helpless souls.

Meanwhile, I am going to switch to something closer to my heart, my faith in Christ; and the crooked scheme run by the West to create a Trojan horse. The mission racket creates a front in former colonies, wedded to the Western philosophy and thought processes which are totally secular as there is no Christ-first in their worldview. This follows the old colonial banditry mindset i.e. the former colonies need to be vacuumed of their resources time and again. One way is to create a front of corrupt elites sucking the colonies dry by stashing slush funds in tax havens run by the West, which has largely been accomplished in some socialist banana republics; another is to create a ‘religious’ front which can be used in the future to start an insurrection, if colonies try to break free.

The colonial masters run several institutions masked as educational, medical and social organisations. The real purpose is to spread Western ‘enlightenment’ in the garb of religion. To be fair, not all people working in these institutions are zombies, some are genuine folks trapped in a bag full of bad apples. The main thing is that Christ is nowhere to be seen in the institutional activities. It’s some sort of cultural thought imposition on vulnerable sections of society in the developing world. A man of G-d will try his level best to bring the focus on Christ, but the agents of these front organisations try their level best to suppress the Name above All Names. ‘Contextualisation’, ‘adjustment’ and being ‘non-judgemental’ being the key words.

The Western intelligence strategy is to focus on ‘disadvantaged’ groups. This often works by doling out clothes, medicines and education, free-of-cost. They accomplish this via religious and other aid organisations. The majority of those in Churches and para-Church organisations, at least in the developing world, are from very poor and disadvantaged communities. And since the ‘converts’ are mostly in for the goodies, their lifestyles reflect it. Sexual misdemeanours, financial bungling and plain thievery was common. It is my belief that if the goodies are cut off, almost all of these people will head back to their original faiths.

The handlers in the West as well as the local intelligence units in the now free colonies are well aware of this game. A secular constitution is often used as a doorway to blast poor nations with the duplicate ‘gospel’ while using military or economic coercion to browbeat the local religions in the colonies. It doesn’t work with Islam, cause the mullahs come back with the jihadi punch. For the rest of the world, the grand colonial plan is not to win souls but create zombies who will be used later, to start insurrections and wars at the behest of their Western handlers. The disadvantaged communities being courted by these organisations have a streak of seething vengeance against the dominant communities. I would like to add that their grievances are genuine but the aim like most of fallen humanity, is to get even and then on top of those that crushed them earlier. A reverse vengeance cycle if you will. The colonial intelligence game is to tap the anger of these disadvantaged communities and use them as a bargaining lever later.

It wasn’t with some sense of ironic comedy that the recent election results in the USA brought out this strategy in reverse, with liberals beating the mission lobby conservatives. The tables have turned, the hunters are now the hunted. Is this an occasion to be happy ? No. The mission should always be ‘Christ-first’. It’s simply one set of blind jokers being replaced by another. Instead of mission organisations it will be the innocuous looking foreign aid, cultural exchange and university grants to promote the same agenda. And Europe is still pushing their cultural Christian agenda in socialist banana republics. Between all this, I keep getting an ominous warning about the Creator laying down the stick. If it does happen it’s going to be painful. There is the Judgement Day, but who cares, right ?

Former colonies with majority non-Abrahamic populations that do resist like India, Myanmar and more in South East Asia, are coerced by Christo-Islamic fascists in the West and the oil rich Arab world, to be ‘more’ secular. Which often means to keep taking more punishment from these two without whimpering. Unfortunately, the non-Abrahamic world is not united and communists ( read CCP ) in particular have resorted to teaming with Abrahamics when it comes to dealing with pagans/infidels.

Africa is already a mess thanks to these idiots. There is a fierce civil war in Cameroonᶜ between Anglophones and Francophones, ( both of whom are supposedly Christian, more like European cultural Christians ); the local languages and tribal culture there has largely been demolished. Who fights each other for foreign languages ? This can only happen when the indigenous African culture has been completely crushed by their colonial masters. I see this in my country too where people in indigenous costumes/speaking vernacular are considered lowlifes while those impostors who speak english ( often highly accented and grammatically incorrect ) are considered ‘sahibs’ or officers. Now, it may be highly improper for me to accuse these sahibs of being nothing but white-skin worshipping, inferiority complex ridden jokers but I’ll do it anyway. Going back to Africa, the Rwandan civil warᴿ was another tragedy with cultural Christians killing each other using machetes and guns. Currently, the ongoing jihad in various parts of Africa is scoring up a pile of bodies and wrecked lives, this being a good example of two hungry wolves aka cultural Christianity vs Islam turning on each other.

The pagan, kaffir or infidel world to which we lowlifes belong can not be blamed for heaving a sigh of relief as these two demon spawns hack away at each other. A more pressing issue is that sooner or later they will re-direct their destructive energy at the rest of the world. I suspect it has something to do with their worldview of Armageddonᴬ type of theology. A phase of violent cataclysmic events will herald the arrival of the Mighty One. But, the Creator will do that in His own time. That doesn’t stop our pea-brains from trying to accelerate the process. Lets kick off Armageddon beforehand so He arrives as per our time schedule. After all the creatures living on the tiniest of planets, in an inconsequential star system, placed in a far corner of one of the billions of galaxies, can manipulate the Creator, right ?

So, with this I conclude my take on the conversion racket with a quote from the Book that will decide the fate of the Universe:

Acts 5:38: So in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone. Let them go! For if their purpose or endeavour is of human origin, it will fail. 

My future scope is tingling with another prophesy: Its the beginning of the end of the cultural Christianity sham, and of its masters too. Also, at the end of it all these jokers will stand before the seat of Judgement and woe to those who will be found wanting.



ᴿRwandan Civil War


Sahel — Resurrecting Terror II

The Sahel has its share of nomadic, semi-nomadic and farm communities/tribes. The Dogon tribeᴰᵒ inhabiting central Mali, are one of the major tourist attractions in Sahelˢᵃ. They are the only tribe that still practise African traditional religion in a largely Islamic landscape. There is a minuscule Christian presence in Sahel. The desert is expandingᴱˣ and as it eats into the scarce vegetation, nomadic communities like the Tuaregsᵀᵘ and Fulanisᶠˡ are feeling the pressure. Not surprisingly jihadi groups in the Sahel are fuelled by members from these communities. However, as I have pointed out earlier, there is a lot of history at play here in addition to the desertification.

Sahara in the 21st century is quite different from the camel caravans of the bygone eras. Or is it ? I mean you can spot camel caravans carrying goods even to this date. On the other hand, airports, roads and railways have moved in to make travelling easier. Road vehicles are a common sight. Banks, schools, hospitals and telecommunication networks have popped up. French is the official language of many countries in Sahel, but on the streets, tribal languages dominate. In our era, the Sahel consists of many countries, like Maliᴹ. French is the official language of Mali, but on the streets Bambaraᴮ is the king. Arabic, Fula, Songhai and Dogon being some of the other languages. If you leave out the English and French languages, our world often emerges as a very complex mix of hundreds, maybe thousands of languages and dialects.

The development of communication networks and weapons technology has meant that the conflict of ideologies in the Sahel, is now a different beast altogether. The internet and mobile networks allows jihadi groups to forge new identities, but the underlying ideology remains constant as in the preceding centuries. Although there is resentment against Europeans in the mainly Islamic communities, the jihadis take this to a new level, trying to resurrect the ‘golden era of Caliphates’. Jihadi groups often rake up history to inspire their cadre to turn the tide against European forces, surging forth to enslave ‘al-andalus’, and then engage in the unfinished business of conquering Europe.

Sahel is effectively in a low intensity jihadi conflict with weak governments unable to do much about it. The French seem to realise the threat quite well and maintain a heavy military presence in the Sahel. Operation Sérvalˢ and then Op Barkhaneᴮᵃ pumped about 5000 French troops into Sahel, starting from 2013 to the present. This is in addition to MINUSMAᴹᴵ forces also operating since 2013. The French forces are the tip of the spear when it comes to tackling terror. But they cannot handle this alone and unfortunately, continual calls by the French for the European Union aka EU to invest more in the counter terror operations, has not been met to this day. Rivalry within the EU means that other members are resentful of the French spear head, which is childishly naive. If the jihadis win it won’t be just the French who will suffer, the whole of EU will go back into the caliphate era. MINUSMA remains a bystander at large. Jihadi groups have a lot of local support and hence when the French stomp out one snake head, another emerges out of the shadow, more like turbaned ghosts in flip-flops brandishing Kalashnikovs. Its a battle of mind and souls !

The flawed approach of trying to use force against an ideology has not sunk in. Those who have studied jihadi literature know quite well that it is a natural progression path of the salafi doctrine. There is a river of ready jihadi volunteers driven by the underlying ideology. The jihad in Sahel is instrumental in creating instability and poverty, with refugees fleeing the battle spilling over to the sea shores of North/West Africa and further on to Europe. Refugees from Sahel wind their way as far as Icelandᴵ and some to North America. This fits perfectly in the plan of creating a fertile breeding ground for jihad in Europe and Americas as the refugees carry the same ideology that generated jihad in the first place. Kapish ?

There are several jihadi groups running in Sahara and Sahel. I am not going to delve into the intricacies of the myriad jihadi groups or the salafi jihadi ecosystemᴶ operating in the Sahel. Some of the groups are — JNIM, ISGS, Al-Mourabitoun, AQIM Sahara and Boko Haramᴮʰ in North Nigeria. There are plenty of internet info resources available for the above. What I can say with certainty is that all these groups have a common denominator — Afghanistan. Most of the jihadi leaders of these groups are veterans of the Afghan civil warᴬᶠ. The finance for jihad comes from smuggling drugs and contraband as well as extortion, taxation and emigration rackets combined with hostage taking. The funny part is that some of these jihadi felons are claimed to have been neutralised multiple times, but keep popping up back on the terror circuit again and again, like Abubakar Shekauᴬˢ and Mokhtar Belmokhtarᴹᵇ, who is better known by his moniker ‘Mr Marlboro’, ( cigarette smuggler ).

In my mind, there definitely seems to be an attempt to create a jihadi column heading up from North Nigeria, winding through Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso and then into the North African shores of Algeria/Libya. Linkages between jihadi groups have been established. It would be onward to Europe from there on. It can also branch out sideways to engulf the whole of Sahel and then head South to the rest of Africa. Extrapolating this further, it could be a continental jump on to Asia in the East, and Americas in the West.

Jihadi groups are now operating as far South as Northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado provinceᴹ. Security experts agree that jihadi groups in Sahel now have their eyes set on the coastal states of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin. Boko Haram, is spreading jihad to countries in the South of Sahel, as in Cameroon. In the lush tropical/savanna forests, countries like DRCᴰ, CAR, Uganda and Kenya are now experiencing regular jihadi incursions. Although Sahel is not fuelling jihad in the deep south of the African continent, right now, there is a possibility of linkages being established between the groups to fight for the common aim.

It is my view that governments with their entrenched bureaucracies, where people are more interested in protecting their official turf; will not measure up to the ideological storm of jihad. Afghanistan has shown that merely throwing in ordnance and soldiers, and opening UN agency offices, will not stamp out jihad. Afghanistan is a sort of graveyard for NATO/US troops. There is a now a scramble to withdrawᴬᶠ from Afghanistan while handing it over to the Pakistani run, salafi-Deobandi jihadi organisation, Talibanᵀᵃ. Even if some would contend that it is a cutting down of NATO/US troop presence and not a complete withdrawal, the Taliban will still run riot. In effect, Taliban were the ones cooking the NATO/US goose and they are going to be handed over Afghanistan on a platter. A comical and tragic end.

In conclusion I would like to add that if jihad in Sahel is not tackled soon, we will have another big headache on it’s hands. In trying to address the ‘how-to-go-about-it’ using my limited knowledge, the military component is required but is not the comprehensive answer. This has to go hand-in-hand with the ideological battle, and the Gospel is THE answer when it comes to ideology. A mind that is beholden to G-d is at peace, the natural man is always at war with themselves as with those outside. The ideology of G-d must replace the ideology of man. Most importantly prayer is the need of the hour. Any other approach by itself, will keep resulting in people running around in endless circles with the jihadis gaining ground.

Romans 8:6: For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,

One can argue that setting up mission complexes running schools, hospitals and universities may be the answer. But, this is a very simplistic approach. One thing is certain that whoever steps into this jihadi landscape with the Gospel, is going to be in the centre of the storm. Keep in mind that ransom taking is a lucrative jihadi venture. There can be a set of approaches in trying to tackle the jihad storm, like pushing for good governance which is easier said than done; combined with encouraging missionaries to set bases. To be honest I figure only Christian missionaries would be foolhardy enough to enter Sahel.

That’s it from this two part foray into the state of jihad in Sahel.

Cover Image — Dust storm in Niamey, capital of Niger. Image attribute info — Image Atrribute








ᴵᵉIEDs — Improvised Explosive Devices


ˢOp Sérval

ᴮᵃOp Barkhane


Refugees in Iceland

ᴶSalafi-jihadi ecosystem in Sahel

ᴬˢAbubakar Shekau

ᴹᵇMokhtar Belmokhtar

Jihad in Northern Mozambique

Jihad in DRC

ᴮʰBoko Haram attacks in Cameroon

ᴬᶠAfghan Civil War

ᴬᶠScramble out of Afghanistan

ᵀᵃTaliban Going back to history, Soviet Russia sent it’s forces into Afghanistan in 1979, after a long sequence of events where they supported various regimes. Pakistan wanted the Soviets out. Again the reasons were/are historical, with the Pashtuns under Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan wreaking a reign of terror on Punjab ( 1748 AD ), now Pakistan, the seeds of revenge were sown between Pashtuns and Punjabis. The Punjabi dominated Pakistani military establishment plotted to bring Pashtuns under their thumb. Responding to some clever instigation by the Pakistani military spy establishment ISI ( Inter-Services Intelligence), the CIA funnelled funds and weapons to Islamic guerrilla fighters called the Mujaheddin, via the ISI , to overthrow Soviet Russian forces in Afghanistan. Faced with increasing losses, Soviet Russia had to abandon Afghanistan in 1989, leaving most of the country in Mujaheddin control; although the Soviets did manage to install proxy regimes, these were finally overthrown. Taliban was created in 1994 by the ISI , to impose Pakistani control on Afghanistan, after the collapse of the Soviet sponsored Afghan regime of President Mohammed Najibullah. Taliban comes from the root word ‘talib’ or religious student and is staffed by madrasa recruits, from Pakistan. They are trained by the ISI to sustain a campaign of jihad in Afghanistan. In a predictable turn of events Taliban turned rogue later and became instrumental in giving refuge to Osama Bin Laden, the architect of 9/11, as well as targeting US forces in Afghanistan. The US/NATO combine started fighting the Taliban and got a bloody nose in the process, mostly cause of Pakistan backing the Taliban. The Pakistani military establishment kept playing a clueless US bureaucracy into giving them more funds to fight terror. These funds were then cleverly pumped back into the Pakistani Taliban campaign in Afghanistan. In essence the CIA was paying to get their own feet axed.

Sahel — Resurrecting Terror I

This is the first write-up leading to a two part essay on terror in Sahel. The first part is mostly the historical background of the current situation. *This has been written as an awareness and prayer call for believers*.

Taking a break from the Covid nightmare, more like pushing my mind to distraction, yours truly surfs into the beautiful and haunting desert region of Saharaˢ, Northern Africa. If you are not good at geography, time to get the Atlas out !! The Sahara covers about 10 million sq. kilometres. My focus is on a smaller section to the South of the Sahara, called Sahel. It borders the Sahara desert in the North and the lush tropical forests in its South. Sahel was always at the centre of battle lines between the nomadic tribes in the North and the agriculturalists in the South. That doesn’t take away from it’s breathtaking beauty. You get both the desert and the green patches all tumbled into one.

Trading and slave caravans regularly traversed caravan routes from the North of Africa through Sahel and then to the African kingdoms in the tropical South. There was money to be made in trading of gold, salt, ivory and slaves. The slave tradeˢˡ in my view was quite lucrative, but it extended mainly to the North Africa and Arabia. The first instances of trans-Sahara slave trading were recorded by the Greek historian Herodotus in 5th century BC. The introduction of camels spurred this trade later on.

The Sahel region was part of various kingdomsˢᵃ in the past, the most notable being the Ghana kingdom, the kingdom of Mali and the Songhay kingdom. Islamic conquest of North Africa was nearly complete by 700 AD. Islamic jihadis then proceeded to attack and capture the Iberian peninsula, ( current day Spain and Portugal ), and continued raids right into France where they were successfully stopped in the Battle of Toulouse, 721 AD. The conquests were stopped but Islamic raiding partiesᴳ continued to pillage and ravage right up to Lyon and Autun in France. This started the clash of civilisations. The Arabic pan-Islamic ideology clashed with European-Christian belief system. The Islamic conquest of Iberia was brutal.

The Iberian peninsulaᴵᵇ continued under Islamic rule. Notably, the Sahel Berber Almoravid Kingdom had, in 11th century AD, cut a swathe starting from Audaghost in Sahel up into N. Africa and then into Europe, to re-capture the Iberian peninsula, called al-andalus, in Arabic. This was a purely a jihad started by the Sunni Maliki zealot Abdallah Bin Yasin. Islam had also made inroads into Sahelᴵˢ with the first Islamic king of Mali in 1300 AD, who made Islam the state religion. The city of Timbuktu emerged as the religious and commercial hub of Sahel by 1300 AD. Islamic jihad emerged as the creator of kingdoms later on, like the Fulani Sokoto Caliphateᶠ. If this was not all the Turkic Ottomanᴼᵗ Islamic empire in the East also started its rampage in Europe by 14th century AD and was at the gates of Vienna by 16th century AD. The Ottomans were known to indulge in slave trading of non-Islamic people, including Europeans. Slave trade picked up under Arab/Ottoman Islamic rule reaching it’s height between 16th and 19th century AD, fuelled by Barbaryᴮ pirate raids into Europe, reaching as far up as Iceland. Estimates of European slaves traded during this period range from .8 million to 1.2 million.

The Portugueseᴾ egged on by the crumbling situation in Europe and relentless Islamic (read Ottoman ) aggression, struck out seawards to find more resources. They were the European pioneers, striking out as far as Americas in the West and India via the Cape of Good Hope to the East. Their search for gold led them to West Africa and to present day Ghana, in 1471 AD. They were soon followedᶜᵒ by other European colonial powers like the Dutch, Spaniards, French and the British. The French garnered the lion’s share of the colonies in the Sahara — Sahel and West Africa. Indeed most of the countries in the Sahara today are French speaking. Slave trading also exploded with African slaves being shipped from the West Coast of Africa all the way to the new territories in the Americas, kicking off the infamous Trans-Atlantic slave tradeᵀˢ. The Portuguese kicked off the Atlantic slave trade in 16th century AD, followed by other European nations.

Arabs were replaced by European colonialists in the Sahara by the 20th century AD, when the whole of Africa effectively became a European colony. It is my view that if the Europeans had not discovered Africa and milked off its resources, they would have been subjugated by the Islamic Ottoman empire or various other Islamic kingdoms flourishing in the Sahara and Sahel. Current Jihadi chatter on the internet indicates that the Islamic re-conquest of Al-Andulus and larger Europe remains a major theme. There is history at work here.

After having their share of the African pie to the full, Europeans went into a reform mode, with various abolition lawsᴸ passed to ban slavery altogether. This did not mean that they relinquished their colonies or stopped sucking them dry of resources, just that they didn’t want to go into their former full destructive mode. Former colonies ( read USA and Canada ) in the Americas followed later. On the other hand Islamic kingdoms like the Ottomansᴼˢ and some of the North African/Arabic kingdoms were quite interested in keeping slavery going, often quoting sharia laws to back their claim.

It is interesting to note that both European Christians and Arabic/Ottoman Muslims extensively used religious scripture to justify the slave trade. Again, it was a conflict between two ideologies with Sahara being the battleground. The Europeans were never interested in spreading faith based Christianity, but a superficial sort of cultural Christianity. For example the king of Kongo accepted Christianity when the Portuguese arrived at his kingdom’s shores in 1483, but the Portuguese and then the Belgians kept subjecting the people of Kongo to inhuman treatment. Slave trading was rampant and Kongo slaves were shipped abroad to Europe and the Americasᴷᵒ. Slave trading effectively broke the back of the African civilisation and economy. Bit by bit, Europeans imposed their version cultural Christianity throughout the continent of Africa, but never could make inroads into the Islamic strongholds. Cultural Christianity was a hollow edifice and the the artificial ideology was steadily being replaced by Islam and communismᴿ, moving into the 21st century.

Move over to Part II of this essay, to catch the rest !

Cover Image — Acacia trees fill the plains near Wadi Archei in the Ennedi Mountains, Chad, Central Africa. Image attribute info — Image Atrribute



ˢˡTrans-Saharan slave trade

ˢᵃKingdoms of Sahel


Ummayad invasion of Gaul, France

ᴼᵗOttoman Empire

ᴵᵇIslamic presence in the Iberian peninsula

ᴵˢSpread of Islam in West Africa and Sahel

Fula Jihads

Barabary slave trade

Portuguese in Africa

ᶜᵒColonisation of Africa

ᵀˢTrans-Atlantic slave trade

Laws of Abolition

ᴼˢSlavery — Ottoman Empire

ᴷᵒKingdom of Kongo

ᴿCommunists/socialists wield considerable influence ranging from DRC, to Angola and Zimbabwe, and also in the largest economy in Africa — South Africa. The socialist model was presented cleverly as an alternate to ‘apartheid capitalism’ in the 21st century. Soviet Russia and Cuba were the prime movers of communism in the 1960’s-70’s, currently CCP aka Chinese Communist Party, calls the shots throughout Africa with it’s Belt and Road Initiative. CCP cleverly masks communism under a layer of ‘international business’ policy, with easy loans being granted to greedy and corrupt African leaders. Once in the debt pincer, countries quickly realise that they will be unable to pay back and then CCP moves in for the kill, by demanding land and other concessions; usually leading to full-fledged military bases and communist influence.

Cloud of Sin

We live in the digital world. Its all bits and bytes on computer screens. This is the new age. The battle of minds and hearts is fought over social media platforms, messaging applications and associated media. Move over books and newspapers. TV and movie screens also reflect this trend with increasing digitisation of tech.

So, it logically follows that the battle between G-d and Satan also moves into the new spheres of influence. There are pros and cons in this new age of technology. Everything becomes more transparent, snooping and stalking reaches right into the doors of households, activists have a huge outreach as do those who want to wreck and destroy. As digitisation of old books and records gains pace, one can see the story of mankind like a movie. It gives us a unique perspective.

One thing that stands out from a digitised history scan, is that mankind was ALWAYS inclined to evil. The murderous tales and genocides keep repeating with each age, cloaked with kingdom grandeur, religion or as in the current age — tech. A refusal to accept this fact leads to a very distorted perspective. The Bible is unique in that it points out this fact again and again. It does not even hide the fact that those who professed to follow the ways of G-d turned out to worse than those who did not have the commandments.

Back to this age, the cycle repeats itself. Not surprising is it ? But, the interesting part is the sound bytes used by charlatans wearing different types of face masks. The intention is power grab at any cost. These are present in every culture and pose the same thing over and over again, with surprising success — ‘Our superior civilisation is at risk, consider this as a call-to-arms’. Emphasis on ‘superior‘. This often follows up with attacking other nations and cultures, who are weaker in strength and numbers, while sucking up to the stronger ones in the hopes of wrecking them from inside.

I have tried to compile a Key word cloud that seems to influence ( incite ? ) people of this age, to become what they actually are i.e. top rung predators. Cloud — [ ‘Kaffirs’, ‘pagans’, ‘civilisation’, ‘global dominance’,’jihad’,’crusade’,’logical conclusion’,’race’,’peace’,’science and tech’,’first world’,’savages’,’enlightenment’,’freedom’,’gender’] Will keep expanding on this. Some of these terms are innocuous by themselves but are used as dog whistles to whip up the crowds into a tribal front. Oh yes ! Deep down we are pretty tribe oriented.

I belong to a non-English speaking culture, we have our own share of charlatans, but since this directed to an English speaking audience I am not putting their keywords here.

What is the duty of a believer in this scenario ? In my belief it is to stick close to those who are intent on shooting themselves in their foot. First off to pray that they come to their senses, second to try and make sure that they do not take half of the planet with them, as they go down. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Unfortunately, in this interconnected global world, one set of idiots does affect the whole. When a pack of idiots vie for ‘global dominance’, the ripples from their head slams will be felt globally.

For us the fight is spiritual, and spirit prayer warriors know what I am talking about. Time to bend those knees and sweat like the Master. These are desperate times. For the lukewarm, kindly brush off your Bibles and check whether there are five Gospels ? Have actually seen a priest check this in a packed Church and come up with no rebuttals. FYI apologists from other faiths know more than most of the faithfuls, albeit in a twisted deformed manner.

P.S. English is not my mother tongue. So, please bear with grammatical and other errors.

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